Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I love crappy 80's animation

The last unicorn is on Netflix so I decided to watch it. The animation is so cheap, but thats why I like it. She walks past an owl and it look so serious. Then it flies off in an important matter by spreading its wings and making a zig zag pattern upwards with no other movement at all.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

lost chair found

I  got home from work last night and these two apartment kitties that let me pet them and I feed, were chillin on the two chairs I have outside.

I thought it was cute that they had their own chair so I took a picture

Then I went to pick up my boyfriend from another town, maybe took an hour tops and one of the chairs was missing! so I left this note where the chair used to be.

Then after i got comfortable (a.k.a. didn't want to fully open the door for people that knocked) there was a time that my boyfriend asked "was that a knock?"   and I cracked the door and two guys were standing there. One said "Here's your note back" and i explained that my chair was missing, not the note, and he said his friends and him were borrowing it for poker, i wish they had said something once they saw us outside while they were outside, or at least left a note...but hey...maybe they didn't have paper?

Then while walking to the store today I swear it was the same guy because I recognized his dog and I wanted to say "Hey, weren't you the guy who kidnapped my chair?" just the be sure. But of course the conversation went like this.

Him: "hey"
Me: "hello"

One day i may master the art of conversation.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from me and hop!

So I live alone with my cat and turtle and a bamboo plant. Their names are hop, Jo Ann, and Frederick from the above mentioned order. I have found out where other people post blogs or Facebook posts about their kids I have these guys. Where as one I can dress up and it be adorable according to the Internet... Though if the turtle was more agreeable it would be her, I give you  my hop playing in a witch outfit for Halloween. You are welcome ;)